Our Promises

We at MGA make the following promises to any prospective employees, confirming the commitment our staff can expect from our company:

  • We promise to provide a competitive salary package, negotiated to your individual circumstances and reviewed at regular intervals, that is acceptable to both you and us.
  • We promise to provide full support to you and your family with regard to any relocation issues that may occur as a result of your employment with us. This may be in the form of visa applications, temporary¬†accommodation, schooling/day-care advice, superannuation or tax issues, for example.
  • We promise to agree with you a clear plan for your continued career development with us, tailored to your individual circumstances, that is acceptable to both you and us.
  • We promise to provide an internal advisor to you during your employment with us. If required, your advisor will help you with all employment related issues, as well as any specific personal issues that may occur from moving within WA, interstate or overseas to take up employment with us.
  • We promise to provide you with a friendly, honest and relaxed but hard working office environment to help aid your growth¬†with us.
  • We promise to treat you as a valued and respected member of our team, where your happiness is our priority and your opinions are valuable to us.
  • We promise you will enjoy working with us!


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